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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chicago's Own Aisha Adair

Aisha Adair is not your typical R&B singer. Her impressive vocal ability, outstanding songwriting skills and overall star quality separate her from the run-of-the mill singers that currently saturate the airwaves. Her melodic, yet extremely edgy and poignant voice is reminiscent of the authentic soulful sound of yesteryear that seems to have been replaced by synthetic studio techniques. Her sultry tone is unique, but is still within the realms of the traditional formula that has always made R&B so popular amongst music fans. 

Aisha met and befriended the Jive-recording artist, Syleena Johnson.  Johnson quickly appointed her fellow alum to sing backup for her promotional tour. After lending her vocal expertise to Johnson's team for nearly four years on countless dates, including R. Kelly's tour, Showtime at the Apollo and the legendary Soul Train, Aisha decided that it was time to venture out and do her own thing.
Most recently Aisha's voice can be heard on WGCI's Block Party, one of most popular urban radio stations. She also performed alongside Geffen recording artist Avant on Power 92's morning show. She also returned to her gospel roots for a family project. Aisha is the featured vocalist on the single Hands Toward the Sky which is currently being played on WYCA 102.3 Chicago. 

Aisha's exceptional talent has created a tremendous buzz with the industry insiders in both her hometown Chicago, as well as the Big Apple.  Aisha Adair is well on her way to becoming one of the most gifted artists in the business today.

Artist Website 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Somewhere on the south side of Chicago, a star was just waiting for his time to shine in the entertainment business. On August 12, 1991, Daniel Christian Morris was brought into the world by Cherita White. As a child, it was evident that Daniel was destined for the arts. He loved being the center of attention from the cradle to school performances to acting and music classes. Daniel was always involved in activities centered on the arts.
Daniel started rapping in the 6th grade with influences from local artist and friends. Some of the artists that influenced his love for music include: Jay Z, Jadakiss, Fabulous, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake and other up and coming local artist in Chicago. Daniel embraced the name, Young Tech, after he joining his first group called “The Blackout Boyz”. Everyone in the group had Y.T. in their name. The members included Young Tip, Young Thrillz, Young Twilight, and of course, Young Tech. As a young group, they recorded many songs together but, some of the member’s passion for music wasn’t as strong as others.
Tech’s love of music, on the other hand, was as evident as his heartbeat – he did not live a day without it. As a result, he devoted all of his free time making music and worked towards coming into his evolution into a “true” artist. He took piano and guitar lessons and spent countless hours in the studio trying to find his voice – his sound and his style. In 2005, Young Tech flew out to LA after receiving a letter from Chicago TV One to host the red carpet event for the movie “Waist Deep” featuring Tyrese Gibson, Megan Good, and The Game. This opportunity initial exposure to “Hollywood” only confirmed to Young Tech that this was place for him and provided this young star in the making with an exceptional opportunity to begin networking and meet many celebrities face to face such as T.I., Nia Long, Anthony Anderson, Gorilla Black, Kayla Pratt, and many more. While in LA, Tech was afforded a fabulous opportunity to record one of his first songs in the Westside Connections Studio called, “What It Iz”.
In 2008, Young Tech went on to release his first mixtape entitled, “Welcome to Confliction”, a project that proved to be a good start for this up and coming young artist. That same year, Young Tech went on to become a finalist in the Dance Down 2008 to open up in Chicago for Soulja Boy, Lloyd, and Omarion. Over the past few years, Young Tech has had the privilege of opening for major artist such as: Willie from “Day 26”; The Hot Stylez who had a smash hit “Looking Boy” ft. Yung Joc; Def Jam Recording Artist, Jeremiah, with the single “Birthday Sex” and many others. Tech has also hosted various local fashion shows, T.V. shows, and local Juke Jams at Rich City Skate on the first Saturdays of the month. Winning various talent shows and performing in schools throughout the Chicagoland area has created a buzz for the new artist. He has even had the honor of a couple of his songs receiving airtime on a couple of local college radio stations (University of Illinois Chicago and Depaul University) as well as the hot and popular mainstream Chicagoland radio station, Power 92. In his spare time, Tech has also performed for charities such as the Big Brother Big Sister Club in Los Angeles, the Toys 4’ Tots foundation in Illinois, and other organizations to raise money for the youth.
Now that Young Tech is in the position to travel the world, people can only wonder what’s to come for this young artist. The future of hip-hop is in the hand of a 17 year old Chicago kid with the help of producers Mush Millions, Dj Dame, and Jstyles. Many people know that when Young Tech’s time comes, the music will speak for him. ”


Sunday, December 11, 2011




Aja aka “Go Getta” is from the North side of Chicago. She got the name Go Getta  4 years ago from a friend who told her that her she was the ultimate go getta…it stuck.

Go Getta describes herself as a versatile artist. A writer, performer and entertainer with sex appeal that also “spits” lyrics. Claiming to be dominant and aggressive on stage, she also says that she demands the audience’s attention and gets her point across.

Her biggest challenge has been getting djs and the general public to understand who she is as an artist and to accept her music. “Chicago is a tough city to get to back you up as an artist. You have to prove yourself as a well rounded artist and grinder. You have to show them that you can get out here, rock these shows, push your music and then that’s when they begin to rock with you. If you are not hustling and grinding you can forget about the support,” she says.

Her biggest influence has been my family and true friends. She also has fans out here who genuinely love her as a person and an artist and for them she keeps pushing and making music. She loves performing and being on stage, saying it’s the ultimate rush for her.

Her favorite artists of all time is Jay-Z, Biggie, Lil Kim and Nas. Having a mother that was born and raised in New York, she has always loved the east coast flow.

She first became interested in music at the age of 7 or 8 and became a solo artist at 15. She’s opened up for many signed artists and has performed at many local showcases.

 She loves music where you can tell that the person is expressing real life experiences. She makes feel good music and she talks about things that she’s really been through.

Go Getta has a street team called So Official Go Gettas which is run by Chynaman. Her team is from the south side of Chicago but they operate all over.

Her biggest performance will take place Friday December 23rd at her mixtape release party being held at the loft located at 660 W Lake Street.

Go Getta is currently a national account sales manager for a technology firm. She describes her music as energetic, real life and passionate.

She is the first lady and president of So Official Entertainment. She currently has three artists on her label – Flava Godson, Lyric and Ajanee.

She’d like to thank all of her family, true friends and fans. “Without you I am nothing.” She would also like to send a special thanks to Chris Lux who is her friend and executive producer on “The Gift” mixtape. Also a special shout out at her best friend Jamye aka Jade Green, her sister Tracie and all of the artists who blessed her mixtape.


Thursday, December 1, 2011


Since December 1, 1992, he has formed Marshall Arts Music Productions producing some of the hottest up and coming artists in Chicago. Under this production label, he began to build musical relationships with National Recording Artists such as Jive recording artists Public Announcement, Bad Boy Entertainment’s spoken word artists Malik Yusaf and Avant to name a few.
While maintaining a strong music relationship with them, he joined BMI June of 1997 and began to build his production catalog. Beginning the new millennium 2000 year as a trend setter, DJ Hershey became Chicago’s #1 E2 nightclub resident DJ influenced by DJ Jazzy Jeff, Mike Love and Steve “Silk” Hurley. Soon after he was hired as Program Director/Head and Disc Jockey/Personality, positioning him as a major influence in the internet radio phenomenon in Chicago.
As an award winning DJ, he has rocked the spot for the hottest acts in the industry along side Sean Puffy Combs, Avant, R Kelly, Jay Z, Usher and countless others! He is also noted for being the first major internet DJ to open live chat rooms to interact with the listeners of his Live Streaming “Kiss Radio Show”. This bold move created heightened interest from both major and independent record labels to want to include their headliner and rising artists’ music on their rosters. DJ Hershey was then introduced and welcomed by ASCAP’s Vice President of Creative Film/TV & Special Projects, Jeanie Weems (Los Angeles) in the spring of 2002,
Hershey was recognized and accepted for his creative influence by ASCAP and by the guidance of the former manager of OUTKAST and ASCAP’s Director of Creative Affairs; Ian Burke, I (Atlanta) to polish his craft. More of his accomplishments began as a VIP member of NARAS (GRAMMY) Chicago chapter, Team leader and account representative for the number one Entertainment Marketing Team (Jaguar Entertainment) in the Midwest and Soul Selector DJ Crew member. He produced and scored his first Movie Soundtrack for comedy independent film "2 Getogther" written by BET Comic B. Cole in the summer of 2002, and the second score and soundtrack which was released in 2006-07.
Hershey worked with Oprah's "Make a Wish Foundation" to grant a wish of an inspiring R&B artist and also was nominated for a Grammy with the Gerald Levert "Didn’t We" Remix. His work does not stop here. As a DJ, the number one DJ Coalition Midwest representative Malik Shabazz of Core DJ’s recruited Hershey May of 2006 to further his professional artistry career as a DJ in the Chicago area with the world wide accredited Core DJs!
As a producer in 2011, he is now working with a major Atlanta based production team to create more amazing music with industry heavy hitters! He has also been added to the Scratch Academy Celebrity DJ Roster in Chicago and currently working on a new autobiographical feature film.
Currently, DJ Hershey can be heard by millions over the internet airways as lead DJ and Assistant Program Director for internet radio!
Be sure to Google Chicago’s own Dark Knight, the original “DJ HERSHEY”. His success as a producer is unlimited and professional career has no boundaries

Music Link (Soundcloud)
Personal Website

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The business of Music is my calling I been involved with the urban Music scene since my teens circa 1980’s to the present as a Street DJ being born & raised in the City that credits itself as the birthplace of Hip-hop & Rap New York City, NY. My family relocated to the South by way of Pensacola, FL where I introduced NYC style Rap Music through my DJing house parties, Cookouts, Block parties & Night Clubs. In 1989 I was one of Pensacola’s pioneering Rap artist to gain national radio & tv air play for Boxing legend Roy Jones, JR. Official 1st Fight song called Knock Em’ Out The Ring Roy performed by my group 20 Below which I was the DJ. Today I and my son the Unsigned Artist Big-Bone Own & manage a independent label called Street Swagger Entertainment & Music Publishing Imprint called Coachin Season Music.

My main focus is to bring recognition to the vast wealth of Music Talent in my City of Pensacola aka the Great 8*Fifty which has been overlooked for many years by the Urban Recording Industry.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Taricka Stallworth aka TARICKA STALLION was born in Rockford,IL, after 10 years of being a northern girl, Taricka’s parents decided to head back to their roots, the sunshine shine state, Pensacola, Fl.
In the Dirty South is were Taricka got her own certified game and streetsmart pretty girl SWAGGER. She started singing in a freezing basement in Rockford at the tender age of 3. Her favorite artist at that age was Prince. Prince’s style and spectacular stage performance was a major influence on her form of music and sense of style.
As she grew older she was introduced to classic soul sounds such as, Al Green, Isaac Hayes, Aretha Franklin, just to name a few. It was then that Taricka decided that she wanted to sing professionally. Leading songs in the church choir was her first start at the age of 3 she lead her first song “He’s Got the Whole World” now she is on her grind to win the hearts of the world with her soulful sounds. A sexy jazz voice with a abundance of church coming from her heart and soul.
Singing in clubs, featuring on hooks, dropping 2 underground singles, Rollin, and One Luv, and Thai are ready to hit main stream winning the hearts of everyone that hears her voice. Taricka most definitely has the it factor. With her powerful voice and drive she bears to be watched! Her current single is called Vacant (My love is all gone) & and her Classic club banger "Rollin"!!!

Management/Label Info:



"William Mims is the man behind the Storm"

Born January 7th, 1982 in Harvey, Illinois, William Martez Mims only child was raised a little bit of everywhere after two months in Harvey his mother moved them to 55th and Indiana in Chicago Illinois. There in a one bedroom apartment they spent a year, only too move back to south suburban Robbins. Here Q-Storm went to elementary school where students were mostly white but remembers a good experience at Nathan Hale in Crestwood, Illinois. After elementary school the family  moved south to the suburb  of Chicago Heights where Q-Storm attended Roosevelt Washington Jr. High School and then attended Bloom High School. As a child Q-Storm mostly kept to himself. Q-Storm got into writing poetry as another form of expressing himself since drawing wasn't enough for him. His poems became prophetic and later he personified his thoughts. Exit William Mims enter Q-storm.  Q-Storm began to grow more focused into the music driving out everyone who really wasn't serious about what they said they were. But he needed his own studio to really get himself marketed the way he knew how. In the summer of 2007, Q-Storm built his own studio, taught himself to record and mix and master his own tracks. The creation of the album,  he would call “The Reinvention” would come in to play. At the top of 2008, Q-Storm discovers “Giovanni’s” a place where local talent is showcased, his first chance on his birthday Jan 7th, he would be known to others. After numerous shows and local street buzzes, as well as many collaborations via world wide web from east coast artists from New Jersey, Baltimore Maryland, New York, United Kingdom as well as California, Q-Storm on August 22, 2008 released his first album that represented him to the fullest  “The Reinvention.” The album displayed a complete transformation in mind, body, and soul. Speaking on personal experiences to real life captured tablets in the forms of songs like "Long Time Coming, 4Wordz, Illuminati Politics, Circulate, Just 2 Hard, Getting Stronger, If You Ain't Rollin, and many more. Now his face is seen as "the emcee" Q-Storm networks with Chicago's underground on a wider range. From North to East, West to South to South Suburbs. 2009 Q-Storm began to prep an album called "I Declare War".  He began to become more known within his proximity by performing at numerous open mics, even headlining showcases, his work ethic increased and confidence  grew within his work. In the entire year of 2009 he also suffered thru heartache, pain, rage and confusion, with songs having more rage and anger aggression channeled thru each experience which caused him to seep in and out at times waiting for Allah to mold him into a new "reinvention" . Today Q-Storm is reborn! He's molded into a new being, studies under the 5% nation ,  connects with more industry professional representing the essence of  music in its organic form and have excelled  from open mics to headline openings on stage within the Chicago underground.The “Chicago Vindicator” is here. He performs all over Chicago spreading his music to the unknown and most known to build and create more energy within the essence of hip hop. In August of 2010 Q-Storm travels back to his first album to re release "the Reinvention" with the hit singles "4WORDZ", "CIRCULATE" "GETTING STRONGER" and "PUBLIC EYE" along with expressive music videos to broaden his music ability. He is currently working on his sophmore album “I Declare War.".  Q-Storm has overcome fears, heartache, insecurities, and demons that were blocking him from progression. With songs and remixes like "AIRPLANES (THE TRUTH) Q-Storm has developed a key of understanding to the community,as he enlightens us on how important from which we are...and were. The album will be the most controversial piece of work since "Sheltering Skies" "The 10 Commandments "Me Against The World", "I Am Legend". Q-Storm remains ambitious as the start of the the new beginning is set in stone. Today Q-Storm gears up again for new album following up to EYE DECLARE WAR titled "VICTORY" set to release in 2012. Q-Storm continues to amaze us and we hope enjoy his upcoming.


The Sophomore Album from Q-Storm. The sequel to "THE REINVENTION", the answer to ameriKKKA, the battle cry against the Illuminati. The reality of Existence "EYE DECLARE WAR" is a document of instructions to survive int hese days of times, the album has a full plate of every thing you need, its time to be FREE!!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Bone....A Name Brand

2012…Will soon be known to the World of Hip-hop as the Year in regards to the day the unsigned Rapper and Entertainer destined to be known as BIG-BONE! hailing from the lesser known but absolutely talented worthy Northside end of the Gun’Shine State of FL aka Pensacola…A Hip-hop Rock Star was born! His father a mobile-street DJ originally from Harlem NYC & raised in the Bronx who relocated to the Dirty South back in the late 80’s did all he can to raise & feed young Boney (Big-Bone) on the golden era of hip-hop!
He introduced young Boney to music pioneers like Run-DMC, Eric-B. & Rakim, EPMD, Dougie-Fresh, Big-Daddy Kane, KRS-ONE, LL Cool J & Heavy D as well as many more East coast Rap music Kings to many to list which gave Big-Bone his foundation and later developed into his own swagger taking what he got from the eastcoast flow mixing it up with his Dirty South lyrical delivery to be The Best Unsigned Rapper hailing out of Florida Ever! With Eight Projects under his belt BIG-BONE is the Peoples Choice and once you have experience his Collosal Swagger you to will be a Fan of The Biggest & the best Unsigned rapper Big-Bone to touch a microphone!

To date Big-Boney has nine mixtapes/ albums all available on and has been featured in numerous local artist tracks such as Mike Bless, Da Hawg & FrankSoul his latest mixtape project is simply called “NO NAME” Featuring his Street Banging tracks Walk Wit A Swagger, Biologist & Tatz on Tatz (Racks Remix) scheduled for Mixtape/ Album release in OCT./NOV. 2011.

Big-Bones Unsigned Disography: Theze R My Thoughts, Big-Bone is Name Brand,
Definition of a Coach (Big-Bone), Blame it on Me (S.W.A.G), Big-Bone Orders Up#3,Big-Bone Orders Up/ Still Takin Orders#2, Wreckin Session Vol.1 (Feat. Brandon B)