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Sunday, December 11, 2011




Aja aka “Go Getta” is from the North side of Chicago. She got the name Go Getta  4 years ago from a friend who told her that her she was the ultimate go getta…it stuck.

Go Getta describes herself as a versatile artist. A writer, performer and entertainer with sex appeal that also “spits” lyrics. Claiming to be dominant and aggressive on stage, she also says that she demands the audience’s attention and gets her point across.

Her biggest challenge has been getting djs and the general public to understand who she is as an artist and to accept her music. “Chicago is a tough city to get to back you up as an artist. You have to prove yourself as a well rounded artist and grinder. You have to show them that you can get out here, rock these shows, push your music and then that’s when they begin to rock with you. If you are not hustling and grinding you can forget about the support,” she says.

Her biggest influence has been my family and true friends. She also has fans out here who genuinely love her as a person and an artist and for them she keeps pushing and making music. She loves performing and being on stage, saying it’s the ultimate rush for her.

Her favorite artists of all time is Jay-Z, Biggie, Lil Kim and Nas. Having a mother that was born and raised in New York, she has always loved the east coast flow.

She first became interested in music at the age of 7 or 8 and became a solo artist at 15. She’s opened up for many signed artists and has performed at many local showcases.

 She loves music where you can tell that the person is expressing real life experiences. She makes feel good music and she talks about things that she’s really been through.

Go Getta has a street team called So Official Go Gettas which is run by Chynaman. Her team is from the south side of Chicago but they operate all over.

Her biggest performance will take place Friday December 23rd at her mixtape release party being held at the loft located at 660 W Lake Street.

Go Getta is currently a national account sales manager for a technology firm. She describes her music as energetic, real life and passionate.

She is the first lady and president of So Official Entertainment. She currently has three artists on her label – Flava Godson, Lyric and Ajanee.

She’d like to thank all of her family, true friends and fans. “Without you I am nothing.” She would also like to send a special thanks to Chris Lux who is her friend and executive producer on “The Gift” mixtape. Also a special shout out at her best friend Jamye aka Jade Green, her sister Tracie and all of the artists who blessed her mixtape.


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