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The Artist of the Month for this issue of Blacktop Hip Hop is Potency, The King of Rap.

Potency, who was born in San Diego, but raised in Chicago says he’s “Chicago Crazy”. He came about the name Potency when he was 17 and listening to Biggie’s “Dead Wrong” track. He heard Biggie say “Potency is Deadly” and it inspired the name.

Potency describes himself as a “very well rounded artist” who puts his all into everything he does and who raps for himself as well as the people. He can blend in any market and he has something for everyone. His created style, called “flipping” has traveled through the music industry and is now a more popular style. People may not know but he wants people to know that it was he, not Soulja Boy and Travis Porter, who invented it.

His biggest challenge has been dealing with the politics of the music industry. Although he feels his name may have hindered a lot of opportunities for him he’s confident that the new age industry will allow artists to have full control.

He says at birth his mother would always sing to him and he feels that she is the reason why he is so deeply into music. He started playing the drums at 4 and sang lead for the St. Agatha Choir. When his voice began to change he started to rap, engineer and produce his own music. Potency’s love for the craft is what influences him to continue performing, not money. He loves to entertain others. “Music is very therapeutic for me and it allows me to vent out the good and the bad energy,” he says.

Self expression and having fun is what makes hip hop/rap fun to Potency. This music is very powerful and can really move the people, he says. This is what he does and he’s good at it.

Artists who have influenced his career include, Mc Hammer. “He was the first artist I personally looked up to. The people loved him and He wasn't afraid to do him no matter what anyone said about him. As i got older I listened to a lot of Crucial Conflict, Twista, Do or Die, C.O.G., S.A.W. Psycho Drama, Nas, Heavy D, DA Smart, Da Brat, CAP 1, Legit Ballers, 2Pac, Biggie, Snoop, Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Ludacris & Eminem just to name a few.”

When asked about upcoming performance plans, new releases and tour dates, Potency replied “I just released my First of 4 Albums planned to Drop This Year "The King Is Here" with Tha Corporation Inc/PotencyTV(My Label) on Jan 15th 2011. It's a representation of me, what I have been through and where I am Going in life. Great music for everyone it's a Classic. I also have over 10 singles on Itunes as well so make sure you cop those. I will be dropping 50 mixtapes in 2011 including "Potency Alert" with Hb smooth, "Hip Pop 1.0" with Platinum Dj Nurotic,"The Reefer Effect" with Nel Reefa, just to name a Few.You can get those on Dat piff & Just Wrapped up some New Joints with Bo Deal, Paperboy, Mickey Halsted & R&B singer Judge Harris so be on the look out for those.

As far as Performances & Tour Dates are concerned I'm Currently Doing The "Party In Peace Tour" with Lex Recs, We have already hit Atlanta & Detroit. Philly is Next on our list for the end of June. I have some shows California in July & I will Be in Abu Dhabi This Coming August. You Might Catch me with my people at "The Rap Factory" in Chicago on any Given Saturday but for the future you can always hit up for updates. If you want me to perform in your town feel free to hit up my management Group at 651-560-0031.

He wishes to thank  God, his Family, Friends, True Fans & Haters all making him stronger. CHM Thanks for the opportunity. Tha Corporation/N.O.M.A.D.S. to the Toe Tag it ain't nothing else. You can follow him on, & yes of Course