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Gingahbread Man hails from the Westside of Chicago and was given his name by Sun Zu because of the way he hustles. He became interested in music when he was ten and found out his sister could really sing. He started writing when he was 14 sampling James Brown beats in the 90’s.

He describes his music as “the new sound for the Midwest. Hard hitting swagger, influenced style with rhythm.”

Gingahbread Man describes his biggest challenge as getting the credit he deserves as a “hustlepraneuer” pioneer in Chicago music, but his strongest influence to continue performing is giving the people a real man that has the same pain that they do and who understands where they are coming from because it’s where he’s from and he keeps it real on his records.

Professional artists who have influenced his career includes Russell Simmons, Master P, J Prince, Them Cash Money Boys, Jay-Z and Roc (Dame and Biggs) and everyone who has ever sold records in hip hop because ‘when you can put something together and it’s your own feelings no matter how anybody feels about it and sell thousands or millions of copies that’s credit in itself.”  This kind of music is good to him because of the expression.

Gingahbread Man has a street team called the Bread Makers and has a new release, "WELL DUN", that’s due out in weeks and is already available online.

He would like to thank the whole Midwest movement and everybody that believes.