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For this issue of BLACKTOP HIP HOP, we introduce the artist of the month – John Doe. John Doe, who hails from Oklahoma City, OK says he was dubbed John  Doe by older guys in his hood and the name has stuck with him ever since.

He says that music has always been a part of his life and that hip-hop has truly shown him that being black is an honor, learning that African-Americans are the ones who actually set trends in music both in and out of America. He describes music in three or four words as – love, peace, freedom and justice…

John Doe describes his music as “hip-hop with an edge”, not considering himself so much a rapper but more as a realist. His music rings with the truth as he tells of the struggles of everyday life and tries to show the bigger picture of that…”you should feel music in your soul and that’s what I offer in hip-hop”, he says and artists who have influenced his career are most of the artists that come from the south.

Hard work to become successful has been his biggest challenge and his strongest influence in his music has been the reaction of his fans and the people who understand the struggle.

John also would like to give thanks to the most  high God for giving me the gifts
of  life and the will to feed people something different in hip-hop. I would like to thank my wife (Katreena Thomas) , friends ,and supporters  of Mr. John Doe.  I want to  thank L.B.X ENT., TRAPTEAM/NAPPYBOY PRODUCTIONS ,O’CITY ENT. , CARHAN MANAGEMENT , and all the DJ’S WHO PLAY MY MUSIC.

Future performance plans include the release of his album “Deep Thought” in the spring of 2011. You can look him up for dates, times and venues.