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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Somewhere on the south side of Chicago, a star was just waiting for his time to shine in the entertainment business. On August 12, 1991, Daniel Christian Morris was brought into the world by Cherita White. As a child, it was evident that Daniel was destined for the arts. He loved being the center of attention from the cradle to school performances to acting and music classes. Daniel was always involved in activities centered on the arts.
Daniel started rapping in the 6th grade with influences from local artist and friends. Some of the artists that influenced his love for music include: Jay Z, Jadakiss, Fabulous, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake and other up and coming local artist in Chicago. Daniel embraced the name, Young Tech, after he joining his first group called “The Blackout Boyz”. Everyone in the group had Y.T. in their name. The members included Young Tip, Young Thrillz, Young Twilight, and of course, Young Tech. As a young group, they recorded many songs together but, some of the member’s passion for music wasn’t as strong as others.
Tech’s love of music, on the other hand, was as evident as his heartbeat – he did not live a day without it. As a result, he devoted all of his free time making music and worked towards coming into his evolution into a “true” artist. He took piano and guitar lessons and spent countless hours in the studio trying to find his voice – his sound and his style. In 2005, Young Tech flew out to LA after receiving a letter from Chicago TV One to host the red carpet event for the movie “Waist Deep” featuring Tyrese Gibson, Megan Good, and The Game. This opportunity initial exposure to “Hollywood” only confirmed to Young Tech that this was place for him and provided this young star in the making with an exceptional opportunity to begin networking and meet many celebrities face to face such as T.I., Nia Long, Anthony Anderson, Gorilla Black, Kayla Pratt, and many more. While in LA, Tech was afforded a fabulous opportunity to record one of his first songs in the Westside Connections Studio called, “What It Iz”.
In 2008, Young Tech went on to release his first mixtape entitled, “Welcome to Confliction”, a project that proved to be a good start for this up and coming young artist. That same year, Young Tech went on to become a finalist in the Dance Down 2008 to open up in Chicago for Soulja Boy, Lloyd, and Omarion. Over the past few years, Young Tech has had the privilege of opening for major artist such as: Willie from “Day 26”; The Hot Stylez who had a smash hit “Looking Boy” ft. Yung Joc; Def Jam Recording Artist, Jeremiah, with the single “Birthday Sex” and many others. Tech has also hosted various local fashion shows, T.V. shows, and local Juke Jams at Rich City Skate on the first Saturdays of the month. Winning various talent shows and performing in schools throughout the Chicagoland area has created a buzz for the new artist. He has even had the honor of a couple of his songs receiving airtime on a couple of local college radio stations (University of Illinois Chicago and Depaul University) as well as the hot and popular mainstream Chicagoland radio station, Power 92. In his spare time, Tech has also performed for charities such as the Big Brother Big Sister Club in Los Angeles, the Toys 4’ Tots foundation in Illinois, and other organizations to raise money for the youth.
Now that Young Tech is in the position to travel the world, people can only wonder what’s to come for this young artist. The future of hip-hop is in the hand of a 17 year old Chicago kid with the help of producers Mush Millions, Dj Dame, and Jstyles. Many people know that when Young Tech’s time comes, the music will speak for him. ”


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