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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chicago's Own Aisha Adair

Aisha Adair is not your typical R&B singer. Her impressive vocal ability, outstanding songwriting skills and overall star quality separate her from the run-of-the mill singers that currently saturate the airwaves. Her melodic, yet extremely edgy and poignant voice is reminiscent of the authentic soulful sound of yesteryear that seems to have been replaced by synthetic studio techniques. Her sultry tone is unique, but is still within the realms of the traditional formula that has always made R&B so popular amongst music fans. 

Aisha met and befriended the Jive-recording artist, Syleena Johnson.  Johnson quickly appointed her fellow alum to sing backup for her promotional tour. After lending her vocal expertise to Johnson's team for nearly four years on countless dates, including R. Kelly's tour, Showtime at the Apollo and the legendary Soul Train, Aisha decided that it was time to venture out and do her own thing.
Most recently Aisha's voice can be heard on WGCI's Block Party, one of most popular urban radio stations. She also performed alongside Geffen recording artist Avant on Power 92's morning show. She also returned to her gospel roots for a family project. Aisha is the featured vocalist on the single Hands Toward the Sky which is currently being played on WYCA 102.3 Chicago. 

Aisha's exceptional talent has created a tremendous buzz with the industry insiders in both her hometown Chicago, as well as the Big Apple.  Aisha Adair is well on her way to becoming one of the most gifted artists in the business today.

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