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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Bone....A Name Brand

2012…Will soon be known to the World of Hip-hop as the Year in regards to the day the unsigned Rapper and Entertainer destined to be known as BIG-BONE! hailing from the lesser known but absolutely talented worthy Northside end of the Gun’Shine State of FL aka Pensacola…A Hip-hop Rock Star was born! His father a mobile-street DJ originally from Harlem NYC & raised in the Bronx who relocated to the Dirty South back in the late 80’s did all he can to raise & feed young Boney (Big-Bone) on the golden era of hip-hop!
He introduced young Boney to music pioneers like Run-DMC, Eric-B. & Rakim, EPMD, Dougie-Fresh, Big-Daddy Kane, KRS-ONE, LL Cool J & Heavy D as well as many more East coast Rap music Kings to many to list which gave Big-Bone his foundation and later developed into his own swagger taking what he got from the eastcoast flow mixing it up with his Dirty South lyrical delivery to be The Best Unsigned Rapper hailing out of Florida Ever! With Eight Projects under his belt BIG-BONE is the Peoples Choice and once you have experience his Collosal Swagger you to will be a Fan of The Biggest & the best Unsigned rapper Big-Bone to touch a microphone!

To date Big-Boney has nine mixtapes/ albums all available on and has been featured in numerous local artist tracks such as Mike Bless, Da Hawg & FrankSoul his latest mixtape project is simply called “NO NAME” Featuring his Street Banging tracks Walk Wit A Swagger, Biologist & Tatz on Tatz (Racks Remix) scheduled for Mixtape/ Album release in OCT./NOV. 2011.

Big-Bones Unsigned Disography: Theze R My Thoughts, Big-Bone is Name Brand,
Definition of a Coach (Big-Bone), Blame it on Me (S.W.A.G), Big-Bone Orders Up#3,Big-Bone Orders Up/ Still Takin Orders#2, Wreckin Session Vol.1 (Feat. Brandon B)


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