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Sunday, November 13, 2011



This month’s Artist of the Month is Young Chitown, hailing from Chicago. He came up with the name Young Chitown because he wanted a name that stood out. He’s been playing music for 11 years and being real is what makes this kind of music good to him.

Before he began his music career he was an artist that did a lot of drawings and still does them to pass spare time. He describes his music as “different all the way around”.  The biggest challenge in his career has been not knowing who to trust. He’s the type of artist that shows love and respect and feels he gets the most “hate” at the end of the day. He claims not to “trip on it”, he just learns not to reach out to some artists that don’t need his support or respect.

His strongest influence to continue performing are his fans, supporters and friends that love what he does as an artist and that support him completely.

Artists who have influenced his professional career are – Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy, Plies, Musiq Soulchild, Charlie Boy, 50 Cent and Wale.

Young Chitown has a new mixtape on the way called “The Statement” as well as new music videos and tour dates are in the works. Three words that he uses to describe music are, real, truth and fun.

Young Chitown would like to thank his brother Gutta Boi for the respect and loyalty he shows him. Hi DJ/brother DJ Pound4Pound for being there and keeping it 100% with him. Hans from Blacktop Sounds/Carhan Management, for all the love he shows him and keeping it real staying on top of business. He would also like to thank everyone who shows love to him and that keep it real because there are a lot of people that rock with him heavy.

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