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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


"William Mims is the man behind the Storm"

Born January 7th, 1982 in Harvey, Illinois, William Martez Mims only child was raised a little bit of everywhere after two months in Harvey his mother moved them to 55th and Indiana in Chicago Illinois. There in a one bedroom apartment they spent a year, only too move back to south suburban Robbins. Here Q-Storm went to elementary school where students were mostly white but remembers a good experience at Nathan Hale in Crestwood, Illinois. After elementary school the family  moved south to the suburb  of Chicago Heights where Q-Storm attended Roosevelt Washington Jr. High School and then attended Bloom High School. As a child Q-Storm mostly kept to himself. Q-Storm got into writing poetry as another form of expressing himself since drawing wasn't enough for him. His poems became prophetic and later he personified his thoughts. Exit William Mims enter Q-storm.  Q-Storm began to grow more focused into the music driving out everyone who really wasn't serious about what they said they were. But he needed his own studio to really get himself marketed the way he knew how. In the summer of 2007, Q-Storm built his own studio, taught himself to record and mix and master his own tracks. The creation of the album,  he would call “The Reinvention” would come in to play. At the top of 2008, Q-Storm discovers “Giovanni’s” a place where local talent is showcased, his first chance on his birthday Jan 7th, he would be known to others. After numerous shows and local street buzzes, as well as many collaborations via world wide web from east coast artists from New Jersey, Baltimore Maryland, New York, United Kingdom as well as California, Q-Storm on August 22, 2008 released his first album that represented him to the fullest  “The Reinvention.” The album displayed a complete transformation in mind, body, and soul. Speaking on personal experiences to real life captured tablets in the forms of songs like "Long Time Coming, 4Wordz, Illuminati Politics, Circulate, Just 2 Hard, Getting Stronger, If You Ain't Rollin, and many more. Now his face is seen as "the emcee" Q-Storm networks with Chicago's underground on a wider range. From North to East, West to South to South Suburbs. 2009 Q-Storm began to prep an album called "I Declare War".  He began to become more known within his proximity by performing at numerous open mics, even headlining showcases, his work ethic increased and confidence  grew within his work. In the entire year of 2009 he also suffered thru heartache, pain, rage and confusion, with songs having more rage and anger aggression channeled thru each experience which caused him to seep in and out at times waiting for Allah to mold him into a new "reinvention" . Today Q-Storm is reborn! He's molded into a new being, studies under the 5% nation ,  connects with more industry professional representing the essence of  music in its organic form and have excelled  from open mics to headline openings on stage within the Chicago underground.The “Chicago Vindicator” is here. He performs all over Chicago spreading his music to the unknown and most known to build and create more energy within the essence of hip hop. In August of 2010 Q-Storm travels back to his first album to re release "the Reinvention" with the hit singles "4WORDZ", "CIRCULATE" "GETTING STRONGER" and "PUBLIC EYE" along with expressive music videos to broaden his music ability. He is currently working on his sophmore album “I Declare War.".  Q-Storm has overcome fears, heartache, insecurities, and demons that were blocking him from progression. With songs and remixes like "AIRPLANES (THE TRUTH) Q-Storm has developed a key of understanding to the community,as he enlightens us on how important from which we are...and were. The album will be the most controversial piece of work since "Sheltering Skies" "The 10 Commandments "Me Against The World", "I Am Legend". Q-Storm remains ambitious as the start of the the new beginning is set in stone. Today Q-Storm gears up again for new album following up to EYE DECLARE WAR titled "VICTORY" set to release in 2012. Q-Storm continues to amaze us and we hope enjoy his upcoming.


The Sophomore Album from Q-Storm. The sequel to "THE REINVENTION", the answer to ameriKKKA, the battle cry against the Illuminati. The reality of Existence "EYE DECLARE WAR" is a document of instructions to survive int hese days of times, the album has a full plate of every thing you need, its time to be FREE!!!


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