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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zidane-The Shonen Domo......Changing the world.

Thomas Gibson....a Chicago born native who goes by the stage name "Zidane-The Shonen Domo". Growing up he wasn't the most popular, but all the reason for him to keep striving to become something out of nothing. From playing video games everyday faithfully to reading Manga's (Japanese Comic Books) in his free time when not playing video games. Music seemed to be the thing that always kept him at peace aside from the many things he tried to do. The thing that separates "The Shonen Domo" from many other artists is that he faithfully raps over "Anime styled" beats, thus targeting the hardcore nerd audience. Today, he focuses on working on his music under the Multi-Genre Collective known as "Terra 5" a.k.a "The 5th Abyss". With the many artists he is working with now he hopes to expand his musical knowledge so that he can one day change the world with his lyrics. As always we back all the artists that Blacktop Hip Hop feature,  we suggest that you take notice to Zidane-The Shonen Domo, we look forward to big things coming soon.

Andromeda...The Mixtape

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