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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hip-Hop has seen its fair share of one-hit wonders. Aiming to not become one himself, a true self-starter, simply doing business under his government name, Hamza Javeed, is one such artist from the depths of Pakistan. Javeed showed his love for music at a very young age and made his way into the underground Hip-Hop scene roughly 4 years ago.
Hamza Javeed is currently an independent artist, but still one of the most talented rappers delivering Hip-Hop with substance. Driven by an overwhelming desire to express creativity, his songs have great musical and lyrical cohesion. His powerful voice, aggressive bars, and uncompromising attitude set him aside from the rest.
With a heart for music, he's always up to something new, always ready to learn and his experimentation has no boundaries. Although Javeed's efforts to establish himself as a talented and innovative artist have not been left unnoticed: he still continues to push himself harder with every release and feels he'd rather keep his music more underground then commercial.
Other then that Javeed is an extremely motivated and ambitious person, as soon as you meet him you know he's serious about his projects and career, but his sense of humor makes everything relaxed. Be sure to listen to this young, multi talented, creative genius before he is discovered by the rest of the world.

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