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Monday, May 2, 2011

Englewood's Very Own.....YUNG HOLLA

Jesse “Yung Holla” Coleman III is an artistic example of a young boy with dreams of becoming a professional legendary artist as a man. Born and raised on the streets of Englewood south side Chicago has deeply inspired Yung Holla to follow his dreams and ambition on becoming a king of the music industry. Such inspirational legendary kings of music such as Tupac, Biggie, Diddy, Dr.Dre, NWA, and Bone Thugs and Harmony has given Yung Holla inner personal strength to strive for greatness when he is creating his music. Just as many families the instilled music of life such as Gospel, Blues, Jazz, and early Hip Hop has embedded the gift of songwriting to Yung Holla since seventh grade. Spoken from Yung Holla “I took a lot of what I saw in the music industry take the motivation hustle and grind for my music,  because no one else ever gave me that chance. I then established my own record label “Chi-ILL ENT.” Everyday continuous grinding of learning to mix, master and manage myself, became a habit for me. I have lost the interest in music for about three years because it had not been exciting for me anymore. Now my passion, grind and feel for music is at its highest level of striving. I cannot see myself stopping any time soon. I have a new team and collaboration with such blessed managers Diamond Kut management and JMarie Management. Both teams from two different cities joining together to help me live out my dreams of building a Hip Hop establishment for Chicago as well as win some grammys.” With such drive and motivation Yung Holla has performed his hit new single “He’s A Hater” with faith that it will grant the prosperity of becoming greater than a nationwide artist.

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