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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chicago's Own.....THE BOY ILLINOIS

The Boy Illinois, also nicknamed “Illi”, is a young lyricist/writer from Chicago, Illinois. Many have tried to compare him to other rappers, but The Boy Illinois is in a league of his own. With honest, heartfelt lyrics coupled with hard hitting beats from in-house production duo, The Baron Boys, who’ve worked with the likes of BET and Drake, Rich Boy, Nipsey Hussle, Young Chris and more. The young lyricist/writer plans to follow in the footsteps of Chicago emcee’s before him, while carving out his own place in music history.
Leaving college to pursue music full-time, Illi first made noise in 2008, releasing his first solo project Inhale Part 1: State Representative, and also released a music video for his single, One Love. A year later in August 2009, he released his second mixtape, the critically acclaimed Inhale Part 2: Loyalty Before the Love on which he showed amazing lyrical growth and overall progression as an artist. The project received media praise from the likes of The Smoking Section and WGCI 107.5 FM and definitively put Illi on the radar as an artist to watch.
Now with the release of his third and final installment of The Inhale Trilogy, Inhale Part 3: Afterschool Program, The Boy Illinois stands poised, yet patient, and is ready to solidify himself as a musical force in hip hop.

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