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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Up and coming hip hop music performer Asia J, is a soulful power house! With her gritty, sexy and melodic flow, she tells a story like no other. Hailing from Atlanta and growing up in Philadelphia, she possesses a special blend of southern charm and city girl swagger that is matched by no other female hip hop artist. Asia J is multi-faceted; a talented and gifted lyricist, model and fashion designer. She is poised and ready to make her mark on the hip hop world!

Asia J is a very talent, gifted and blessed Artist, She started her music career at a very early tender age of four years old. she always would rewrite songs on the radio to prove she had what it's takes. She had a passion and a deep desire for music!..She was influenced by all kinds of music and sounds, Like the sounds of 2PAC and his ways that he delivered a message across a beat, when telling a story. She always been a great writer and story teller, she also love the way Biggie Smalls would tell his stories.

Asia J’s first album, 13 Scrolls will be released under Jos Entertainment in July 2011 and will be available at 1600 online sites. Early on in Asia J’s career, hip hop connoisseurs have noticed her unique gift of storytelling and verbal prowess. Her delivery is full of imagery that pulls the listener into her music. She is the Maya Angelou of the hip hop genre, as she uses verse after verse of creative lyricism.

Asia J started her performing career before she started grade school and comes from a long line of musicians. Her father and brothers were musicians, and in the natural order of things, Asia, to, was blessed with a special gift of music and have been sharing her talent with others every since. Hip Hop is Asia’s passion, but she loves all genres of music. She has written R&B, Blues, Rock, and Alternative songs, as she believes music is therapeutic and transcends all languages and cultures.

She has honed her skills as a lyricist, model and writer while performing in music videos, writing for various artists and has worked with heavy hitters in the industry such as, Alicia Keys.

Asia J has been paying her dues for many years in the industry and believes now it’s her time to reap the rewards! Just as many female hip hop artists before her, she is ready to move obstacles, eliminate stereotypes, and bring about healing through her music.
She has been involved with being a women in a man's world, Asia J have 13 amazing songs and a message that is contain within the 13 scrolls. She didn't miss anything type
of styles on the album, including Hip Hop, R&B and many more styles just for you. Asia J Really Brings you consciousness to hear and feel, and also please your soul of mazing sounds. Her album is for the people that wants to hear Brand New Music with style.

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