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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mz Ross is Setting it Off in the CHI.

Jasmine Ross was born on June 7th 1989, in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up with a trouble childhood, but excel above her struggles and made something positive out of it. All her life she has had a passion for music, being that she was raised in a musical family. She was influence by her dad, who is a DJ and works with artist in the music industry, her mother who is a singer, her uncle who DJ's and can rap, and her aunt who who has lyrical skills and does poetry. Seeing all the talent around her made her hungry for music. She started singing at a early age, in the church and school choir. She also had the god given gift of dancing at an early age. Before she developed her spitting skills, she had a skill of writting poetry. It wasn't until age 9 that she developed the skill of rapping. After the development, she stayed dedicated to getting better, realizing this is what she wanted to do in life. She has been in many talents shows and performances and have came out on top everytime. Her first big show performed at age 13, she that got the whole crowd up out their sits and chanting her song, she know that this was what she was destined to do. Her first song "Radio" was a hit with the streets, people knew her song almost everywhere she went. While attending Proviso West High School, she earned the name Lady J, from follow friend Soulja C, because of her abilty to do gangsta things, but still be a lady about it. She was also responsible for starting the lunchroom freestyle battle session, and was victorious in every battle. Her first album was titled "Sweet 16", with the hit song "R U Mad", and "Who Want What With Me." The song "R U Mad" was truly a head banga, you would her females and some fellas, walking around singing the song, because it was relatable to many. Now Lady J, who is now known as Mz. Ross, has been working on producing beats, so in many eyes she would be seen as a quadruple threat to many in the industry. She also is now apart of a hot, 4 female rap group, by the name of M.O.D.. Mz. Ross is ready to farther her music career, and she has what it takes to be on top of the music game. "There is always room at the top, so keep climbing until you get there."

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