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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Since the age of six, Leo Getz pursued his passion for music. Today he has built himself up as a talented and multidimentional producer, writer, performer and engineer proving to be a great force in the hip-hop world. His lyrics paint reality with harsh colors; yet, he delivers a stronger message to his audiences of positivity and opportunity.Growing up in the London Town Homes in Chicago, a 100% black community, his race was never questioned or acknowledged, he was simply Leo Getz. The son of a black father and a Puerto Rican mother,Leo was met by judgemental crowds having to battle his way to the stage, but once he let his words flow the crowd began to see the picture he was creating. Like DaVinci, Leonardo is an artist that paints pictures with his music and wants to set a stage to have diverse acts be more excepted. With his new album, “Passports & Visas,” Leo Getz has something to say. He is the gravity drawing his generation to a new movement. Leo Getz has stirred up the Chicago hip-hop scene turning heads with his talent for the spoken word. He has been promoted on Clear Channel as well as local hiphop blogs such as FakeShore Drive, Dude Got Bars and Taste Of Da Go. Getz has worked with various artists opening for Fabulous, Cassidy and Freeway. Many artists have also recorded at his in-house studio such as B.X.C. (DTP), The Cool Kidz, Gotti (Boo N Gotti), Mickey Halsted, Sly Poloroid and Eryka Kane; most of whom he has features with. Now, 24 years in the making, Leo Getz is embracing "the true" next generation of Hip Hop. He plans to take his career to new heights, exploring different avenues as an artist and launching his label, Stomp Down Entertainment, into the music industry. Like JR Mafia, Young Money family, Cypress Hill, Terror Squad or G-Unit, the Stomp Down Ent. INC team possesses talents on every level of music and video production.

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