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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ms.Felony....Doing it all by herself.

Tiffany aka Ms.Felony grew up in a household with only a single mother an 7 other siblings. Tiffany has had it rough but she has remained focused on her talents with hope of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Tiffany writes,records, mixes and edits her music all by herself. She also promotes and performs her music as well. She is very determined to make it in the world today rather musically or any other career path she decides to undertake.Tiffany is the black sheep of her family and often times she has felt that she has had to raise her own self and has had to force herself to get her act together. Tiffany's father has been in prison for 40 years now. Tiffany keeps in touch with him through letters and often goes to visit him. Tiffany is a daddy's girl and not having a father figure in her life has really made her life harder then what it needed to be. From not having enough clothes to wear, self esteem issues, dealing with heartbreak, being bullied and picked on, and most importantly not having anyone to help guide her in to the right direction, Tiffany has had a real struggle with life. Tiffany had the ambition and drive to continue down a positive path, she always came 1st place in her Track and Field meetings. She even made the Cheer squad in high school, but she did not have the help of her siblings or the most important people in her life to support her to stay on such a positive path. Tiffany eventually began hanging with the wrong crowd of people. Through the dark times, Tiffany realized she was really all alone. She then decided to reach out to Jesus Christ! ever since shes made that choice she has been on the right path and her music has been getting the attention needed for her to succeed successfully in the world today. You can check all of her music out on Reverbnation MS TIFFANY

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