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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Ashley Nicole, better known as Lee Lee is a rapper from the Midwest born in South Bend Indiana, she spent most of her life in "the hood". Lee Lee had been writing music since starting middle school in 1994. She moved down south to Florida in 1999. Coming to the realization that Florida wasn't the place for her she moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2004. She realized her passion for being a lyricist and became a recording artist in 2005. That is where she met one of the most influential people in her life-Dat Boi Rj of Flatline Entertainment, better known as the Verbal Assassin, also a rapper from the Midwest. Lee Lee already felt a connection considering that there were both from the same small town in Indiana and met in such a big city. When the two met Verbal Assassin had already put out a mixtape entitled "These Streets Volume One" and was in the process of working on many other projects including a Bone mixtape. Over time Verbal Assassin showed Lee Lee recording techniques and introduced her to the rest of the Flatline family : Meme Blaze, Issues, Britty MoMo and Jnyce. In 2006 the two officially joined forces and Lee Lee became the first female rapper of Flatline Entertainment. A relationship that began musically turned romantic. Lee Lee and Dat Boi Rj got married in 2007. Lee Lee has recorded a multitude of tracks independently and is also actively working on several collaborations. She does features for artiest all over the map. Lee Lee is also working on her first album, still untitled and a mixtape for Flatline Entertainment. Lee Lee devotes alot of her time and energy to music but is first a family woman.

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