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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Jay Storm (born Christopher Holmes-Williams) was conceived on March 19, 1989 to Vivian Holmes at Columbus Hospital. A single mother living on Chicago’s North Side. Vivian worked hard to provide her child with the basic necessities. However, times got rough, forcing mother and child to move in with Vivian’s parents when Chris was five to the West Side in the West Garfield section. The neighborhood was notorious for its gang violence and rough demeanor with homicides in the 90’s being at an all time high. Despite the circumstances, Vivian along with her parents formed a barrier around Chris to shield him from the unforgiving streets just outside of their front door, entering him in afterschool programs, immersing him in sports, and making him join the school choir. His grandfather, Albert Holmes, whom he credits with being, “the only positive male role model I ever had in my life”, was also instrumental in his development with music, saying, “He was always playing Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, and just a lot of jazz and blues. I was always surrounded by music, be it in church or at home.” Following the death of his grandfather in 2001 in Charleston, South Carolina, the teenager returned to Chicago with a new mindset, one that was bitter, sad and confused. He began to run the streets now with the restraint of his grandfather gone, introduced into gangbanging, drug use, and crime. Wanting to provide more for her child and fed up with the neighborhood, Vivian moved the family out to the northern suburb, Naperville where the peaceful days and silent nights allowed the MC to hone his writing skills. He then developed a curiosity with recording, googling recording studios in his area and by his Freshman and Sophomore year of high school, began to record his own tracks, figuring, “If these n*ggas can make it out the hood and spit about their lives, we cut from the same cloth so I should be able to too.” And Jay Storm was born. 
            In 2008, Jay Storm created Jus Blo Ent. as well as Jus Blo Squad , a group consisting of three artists, a school mate, Slaya, one his close friends, Bagz, and himself.  Towards the end of 2008, the first mixtape, G4 Fly Niggaz pt. 1 hosted by Shadyville DJ Young Cee, was released. This gained him attention and allowed him to collaborate with other DJ’s such as DJ Ames of the U.K. and DJ Black Jesus of Dallas, Texas. Since that time he’s released mixtapes FTB (Young Cee), International Crossover (Ames), Strictly Business (Black Jesus), and The Book of Jay Storm (a host collaboration of DJ Delz, Ames, and Black Jesus) to critical acclaim. Since then, he has continued to build up his independent brand and is continuing to devote hours to polishing craft. His most recent released, Flame On Vol. 1 hosted by DJ Ames which dropped Nov. 2010 displays the MC’s raw talent as will his future release Thoughts Of A Scholar (Summer 2011).

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